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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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child star and former u.s. ambassador shirley temple black has died. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. her family released a statement a few hours ago saying she had died of natural causes. at the age of 85. peggy bunker live in woodside where temple spent her final days. peggy. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. you know you could say sad news but again what an incredible life shirley temple black led. we're in front of her home in woodside, a gated area. you can see the gate there in front of her home. according to her publicist this is where she passed away last evening with her caretakers, her family, her grand children, all surrounded her. of course she was very much loved by our country and it all started with this, a little curly topped girl. take a look.
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♪ with animal crackers in my soup ♪ ♪ animal crackers in my soup do funny things to me ♪ and that is probably always the way we will remember her, just a practice koshous girl learned how to dance at 2, sing at 3, performed her heart out in every performance from 1935 to 1938. that curly hair becoming her signature look. she was the top box office draw, many say she saved 20th century studios from bankruptcy turning over 40 movies before she was age 12. it continued into her teenage years where she did not seem to have as much success and struggled at the box office as she got older although still a real beauty as she aged. as she got older she decided to step away from hollywood, moving to the bay area, marrying a bay area businessman and then
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becoming an ambassador, we saw her grow up in front of the camera but she came into her own as an ambassador visiting so many countries around the world. here she is representing our country and a quote from her there. take a listen. >> jamaica in this country is remembered with love, with affection, thought of as a friend which i am. >> reporter: as you can see, she grew into this elegant representative of our country. it's amazing really when you think about how much pressure she had on her as a young girl that she was able to turn that around even when her movies started doing poorly at the box office. she turned it into a political career and did well for our country. just her entire life so. that life ending here in woodside last night at the age of 85. she will certainly be celebrated today as we all look back at her incredible contributions as the
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days go forward. >> thank you very much. let's switch gears and talk about the weather. we've got a weather advisory to tell you about this morning as we take a live look outside in san jose. thick fog. we could see airport delays later this morning. also have a live look at the san mateo bridge. visibility a little better there but still an issue for drivers this morning. and this is our live camera in fremont as we take you across the bay area. story not much better there. let's check in with christina loren with what is going on out there. >> hey, good morning to you. basically, fog is not one of those weather elements that stays stationary. it drifts around. that's what we're noticing this morning. as you make your way out the front door you want to make sure you're on high alert. you want to eliminate the distractions in your vehicle and leave a healthy space between you and the car in front of you. if you can control it the guy in back of you as well. this is that kind of fog where even your immediate surroundings you're used to seeing are going to look unfamiliar to you.
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we're talking about visibilities down to about 2 1/2 miles in san jose, we're at 5 miles in mountain view and five in half moon bay. the sun starts to make an appearance t fog is going to get worse before it gets better so make sure you give yourself ample time. speaking of which, bob redell is live out there in it this morning. and you can probably attest to this. you'll run into the thick patches of fog, then an area of clearing and boom, before you know it you're back in the fog. it's drifting around, right? >> reporter: yes, i would say that's the best way to describe it being patchy. this dense fog advisory has been in effect now for about an hour until 9:00 this morning. right now we're on northbound 280, the headlights heading in a northbound direction near winchester in san jose. you get a pretty good sense where you can see a lot of -- some of the thickness of the fog. it's not the thickest we've seen but you want to be paying attention out here.
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not using the high beams, especially when the visibility drops. the dense fog advisory is in effect because there are some areas where visibility is a quarter mile or less. the case in point livermore, east bay, i noticed on the highway 84 driving in to work this morning. there are other parts in the south bay that are similar. so you don't want to use your high beams and the visibility drops that much. you don't want a wall of light blasting back on you because it makes it harder to drive. if you have fog beams certainly turn those on. so dense fog advisory in effect from pretty much the entire bay area. they say the south bay, the peninsula, north bay, east bay according to the national weather service until 9:00 this morning. slow down and again, don't use the high beam it gets pea soupy out here. >> that is such great advice, bob. this fog is not going to get better over the next couple hours. it's going to keep your temperature down.
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grab that jacket. make sure your wipers are ready to go. not only do we have the fog it's traffic tuesday. >> that's right. we expect a high volume of traffic. that's why we refer to it as traffic tuesday. we tend to see the highest volume all week as folks head in for meetings and such. west 580, the headlights passing by the signs, two malls which are not lit up. we can see the headlights which are glowing. and most of us know the fog is an issue. if you put the brighter headlights on you get more reflection back. hopefully you learn that. you can turn them off quickly a. smooth drive reflected on our maps as the orange where the traffic road weather index shows you that. that will be an issue for 84, sunol and pleasanton and fremont. we'll show you other areas like the dumbarton bridge which doesn't show it but we have an advisory. we'll show you the san mateo
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bridge from hayward side. you can make out the high rise. patchy fog on either side. >> thanks so much. >> america's most decorated female olympic skier still likely celebrating her bronze medal in the women's super combined. julia mancuso all over social media saking selfies with her new accessory as well she should. there she is. >> how can you not be excited for her. >> let's check in with janelle wang live in sochi. you talked one-on-one with her after she came down from the mountain, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. she has a few more competitions to go but she stopped to talk to me. she is the most decorated alpine skier more than lindsey vonn. she has four medals including last night's bronze. it was the super combined that is two runs downhill and slalom, the fastest combined time wins. she finished first in the downhill which left her confident but battled through
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the slalom course. >> it's exciting. i knew i wanted to come to sochi and get a medal and just being able to go into my first event and crossing the finish line was two good runs, enough to get a bronze was autumnll i could ask. >> reporter: she has three more events including a downhill on wednesday after posting the top downhill time in the super combined. she is the favorite to win gold. she is one of three american athlete who is won medals in three different olympics. they include her, and speedskaters bonnie blair and apollo anton ono. coming up in 15 minutes we want to show you two new olympic sports. there are two more debuting today and we're going to bring that to you. from the sochi games, janelle wang. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks. >> you can catch all of the
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olympic excitement starting at 3:00 this afternoon right here on nbc bay area with men and women's cross country skiing, women's luge and women's slopestyle skiing. then prime time at 8:00 tonight, gold medal finals for men's half-pipe snowboarding, women's slopestyle skiing, women's ski jumping as well, ski jumping for the first time. plus the pairs short program in figure skating. >> it is 5:09. san mateo county leaders are cracking down on prostitution in massage parlors. the board will discuss revisions to the ordinance including rules what kind of clothes the employees can wear. the ordinance would limit parlor hours and require employers to leave doors unlocked while doing their business. it comes after the sheriff's office made at least two prostitution busts at massage parlors in the past year. >> time to check our weather a
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very foggy commute. christina, i know driving in and we drive in super early, it was maybe 50 yards, 75 yards. >> it is really thick. we lived here for some time and we don't typically get this fogged in. across the bay area seeing the reduced visibilities this morning so. give yourself plenty of time. we still have thick fog. as the fog drifts around it does not stay stationary. it is dangerous especially in the south bay valleys. san jose about 2 1/2 miles visibility. but in los gatos you can only see for hundreds of feet so you really want to take it easy. half moon bay down to five miles. we expect all of these to drop off. half a mile in livermore as we head throughout the morning hours. this is what we are expecting when it comes to the fog clearing. this is typical. when we get a rain it's not the following day we get fog it's the day after.
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high pressure comes in, compresses all of that remnant moisture and as a result we lose visibility. so this is what we're expecting. the coast will stay foggy, we'll get partial clearing by about 8:00 a.m. by noon clearing but still low clouds hugging the coastline. it's going to be a cool day. we'll get to your temperatures 18 bit. count on what could abdangerous commute to work. let's check on that. >> good morning. as you talked about and we mentioned the computers are great but that's why we're here to interpret the data and with the live shots, this is 101 north twof 80, you can barely see the off ramp on the right. about a quarter mile visibility here. on the map the arrow points up to the 101 interchange. i got word of a crash but i will see if we can see that. southbound 680 on the interchange t bottom of the screen the orange creeps in,
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visibility over the mountains and 17 going to be tough. in the livermore wand this map again highlighting the fact that the traffic and weather system is tied together so more hint about your commute. back to you. >> 5:12. sleeping with the enemy, how san jose sharks players are living with their top rivals all in the name of country pride. >> we'll take a look at the american luger who has a very special way to get ready for her runs. that's how i get ready for the newscast. >> this is looking off san bruno. a lot of fog in the bay area. it could stick around, cause delays at airports. certainly going to mess up your commute.
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>> good morning to you. 5:14. this is a live look at san jose near the valley fair mall. if you wanted to dress like sther lock holmes, today would be the day. fog covering a good area of the south bay. a look at the san mateo bridge, the fog shot as bad there but you want to be super careful. we'll check win christina and mike in a few minutes. >> to the olympics. indian athletes can now compete for their country. today the international olympic committee lifted india's suspension from the games. india was suspended in 2012 for electing officials to the committee even though they had been accused of corruption. that's a breach of the charter. indi three indian athletes have been participating but as independents, they can now represent india.
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and fly the indian flag. >> men's hockey begins today, tomorrow actually in sochi. but it practices, several san jose sharks will be playing along side some rivals. reporting during team canada, patrick marleau was on the line with two members of the anaheim ducks. not much better for team usa's joe pavelski. joe who is apparently rooming with cam fowler, a member of the ducks so. a little more than an hour the women will be back on the track for run three of the luge competition. >> among them american kate hansen who is not only making headlines on the track but off. check how she gets ready for every run. she dances to a little music, do we have it? if not maybe you could show us.
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>> there we go. >> i can't tell the story without seeing this. have to get yourself pumped up. yesterday she said she only listens to beyonce because, quote, my girl bay she gets me fierce and i get stoked and i just have to dance and i have good mo jo going, it's how i roll. hanson is entering the second day of racing. gets going. >> that was cool. check in with christina this morning. good morning. >> what was cool is when did you start dancing, scott mcgrew. you got the moves. i loved that. good morning to you. san jose is really foggy right now. it's hard to tell from this shot. you can see what commuters are facing. some really low visibility. you want to take it easy. it's still very dark. you are running up against a quarter of a mile of visibility in santa rosa.
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you want to give yourself plenty of time, eliminate distractions in your vehicle. especially taking the little ones to work with you or to school today. two miles visibility at half moon bay. livermore now at a quarter mile. this is what we expect from the fog. take to the your futurecast. at 7:00 a.m. we believe it will be at its worst, that is when we kick off rush hour. we stop the clock again, we meet back here for our 11:00 broadcast. should be mostly clear but for a brief time. then plenty of high clouds streaming in. our next storm system gets organized and starts riding toward the coast. we're not going to see a lot of rainfall, maybe a tenth of an inch in sonoma county. we have a better chance into this weekend. you'll see that on the seven-day foreca forecast. foggy start a sunny mild finish. wednesday, same deal tomorrow, low clouds to start, then it will turn cloudy.
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like i said most of that moisture will be to the north of the golden gate bridge wednesday and thursday. we have that slight chance for showers. mild south and we're head ed toward a warm-up so. i want to show you on your futurecast where we expect showers. we'll talk about that weekend storm system coming up as well. right now i want to get you out that front door in a timely fashion. >> good morning. we're looking here toward the northbound 680, 28 o i told you i would look for the crash reported, southbound 680 as it transitions. that's here. you can't see it. the roadway not even a warter mile away and tough to see so visibility is tough. you can see the volume starting to increase. traffic is slower because of the visibility and the map will show you that the entire area moving pretty smoothly. there is a crash toward 280. sounds like it's making its way off lanes.
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denser fog likely as you come across the santa cruz mountains where christina said her drive was pretty tough as well. looking along the peninsula, traffic moves but watch the coast, we'll see that picking up as well. no major problems. folks travel over likely more fog on the newark side. we do have a slower drive here out of the altamont pass. here where the arrow is, we have a live camera as well. we'll show you those conditions. about maybe a little over a half mile as far as visibility goes. tough to see in those lights. as the prit lights come, use the regular beams. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. now to an exclusive report. accusations of improper payment, the transit district that runs sam trans buses and caltrain are
5:21 am
under fire. former insiders reveal a second set of books used to hide how they were spending millions of your dollars. they say managers deliberately logged fake expenses and hid the extra money to spend at their discretion and without scrutiny. >> this is public money that is supposed to be helping for the public interest and it's zbloxt wondering if i could ask about these numbers. >> samtrans insists the recent audits have come back clean and deny it mismanaged public money. tonight vicki asks to explain the spending, it takes you inside the alleged second set of books. >> we're learning new details about leaks on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. water is collecting under roadway behind plates that are supposed to be sealed off. engineers are not sure how the rain is getting in.
5:22 am
the bridge is safe they say a. lotle metals expert tells us the problem shouldn't happen. they warn if it's not fixed fast the metal will corrode. >> our coverage of the sochi games continues next. two new olympic sports today. details coming up. >> parts of the bay area buried in fog. the forecast and a look at the roads ahead.
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>> a very good tuesday morning to you. you know it's a foggy start to our day across the bay area. here's a live look from the bay bridge this morning. visibility you see it out there, pretty low. nothing compared to the south bay, though. this is what it looks like from one of our cameras in san jose.
5:25 am
you may hit some patches. take extra time as you head off to work this morning. meteorologist christina loren will be along in a few minutes for a look at when this fog could clear out. now to the 2014 sochi games. which features 12 new sporting events. team usa stwept the first, slopestyle snowboarding. >> not bad. team usa won bronze in the team figure skating. two more events make their debut and janelle wang has a preview. she is live in sochi, russia. hi, janelle. >> reporter: hi, laura, hi, scott. slopestyle is back this time for skiers, and competition for women just wrapped up. unfortunately we don't have northern california athletes in this event but look out for devin logan from vermont. 15-year-old maggie boysen was a favorite to medal but had to pull out after fracturing her ankle friday.
5:26 am
also making its debut the ski jump for women. it's its first appearance, 90 years after men's ski jumping appeared in the games. a 17-year-old from japan is the gold medal favorite. three americans all from park city, utah are also competing. >> i just want more people to see that women can ski jump and it's one of the oldest sports in the olympicses and it's taken 90 years for women to be here so check us out. i mean i'm just thrilled to show ski jumping to the world and that women can do it too. >> reporter: unfortunately, the three american ladies are not expected to medal. they didn't do so well in their training runs this past week. figure skating starts up again with the pairs short program. another big event t half-pipe snow board and shaun white and we'll tell what you he says
5:27 am
about the conditions coming up later in the show. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> 90 years coming. thanks. >> keep up with everything that's happening in sochi on you click on the olympics tab you find -- bios of local athletes. there's lots of go material. >> we're going to have more from sochi including special inscriptions in the podium jackets. >> good tuesday morning. want to make sure you're ready. reduced visibilities less than a quarter mile at this point. where it's the thickest, when it will clear and when rain returns to your all important forecast. >> the all important peninsula there and there is some of the low clouds christina is talking about. there are some of those low clouds i should say. a smooth drive for the commute so far. we'll show you other spots where you have tougher times. >> and mike, we continue to
5:28 am
follow breaking news actress shirley temple black died in her home in woodside. if family announced her death. we'll have a live report coming up. every day i spend three hours on weights. four hours on the slopes. and two hours doing this stuff. which leaves me approximately two minutes to get my banking done. so i use the citi mobile app to quickly check my accounts and pay my bills. which leaves me about five seconds to kick back.
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that was nice. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. citi, with you every step of the way.
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♪ on the good ship lollipop >> well, sad news to report. shirley temple black loved for her work in dozens of movies as a young child has died. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. people all over the world are remembering temple this morning. she died last night. peggy bunker live in woodside with the details. i understand she was surrounded by her family. >> reporter: that really is very telling, laura and scott. good morning. we're in front of her home here in woodside, california where the news broke that she passed away last night at 85. when she died she was surrounded
5:31 am
by her very large family, her children, grandchildren, her caretakers, a testament to the big family life she created after she left her hollywood life behind. ♪ animal crackers in my >> reporter: shirley temple black the most popular child movie star, she lifted the country's spirits during the depression. 1935-1938 she was the top box draw here and in britain. the curls became the look for little girls from the 1930s all the way into the 70s. some would say no, they still perpetuate today. she made 40 movies before she turned 12. think about that. also extraordinary her manners and composures. they exceeded her years. she had the social graces of somebody much older. look how she handles this
5:32 am
moment. >> thank you very much, mr. cobb. mommy, can i go home now? >> reporter: even in that quick moment thanking the gentleman there and then saying mommy, can i go home. ever so polite even as a young girl. as a teenager she continued to make movies but they didn't do as well and which could have been devastating to somebody used to one block buster after the next. she chose to retire from hollywood in 1950, settling into domestic life, becoming a mother and a wife. she talked about growing up and what she would do and what she did was become a wonderful diplomat and running for a congressional seat. she saw numerous trips around the world as ambassador. >> remembered with love with affection. i'm thought of as a friend.
5:33 am
which i am. >> with love and affection and thought of as a friend. as we stand here in front of her home in woodside and many will wake up to this news that she is gone at the age of 85, that's how most will remember her as especially those that grew up with her movies or enjoyed that escape of going back and looking at those old movies. love and affection i'm sure is how a lot of people well remember shirley temple black. >> you can't help but look at that video and smile and think of all of the smiles she brought across the world, really. thank you so much. well, other top story of the morning is a weather advisory. hours ago the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for the bay area. this is a live look at san francisco where as you can tell, there is not much to see because of that big blanket of fog. nothing compared to where bob redell is. this is san jose. well, we'll check in with bob in
5:34 am
a minute. let's also check in with the lady in charge, christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you, scott and laura. everybody at home. temperatures are starting out in the 50s. we've got a lot of fog out there and it's dark. give yourself extra time to reach your destination safely. the next couple hours this fog is going to get worse. santa rosa at a quarter mile visibility. oakland fallen to eight mile, in the south bay we have really thick pockets all the way from san jose to los gatos. you want to take it easy. 85, 87 in the south bay, a dangerous drive. first, we want to check in with bob live in san jose along 280. and bob, as you know, probably because you have been observing this fog it drifts around. how are drivers dealing? are they slowing down? >> reporter: speed at the limit on 28 heading northbound direction not far from
5:35 am
winchester. good morning to you. this as you mentioned, it's very patchy so here is an area where we have fog but it's not super thick. in the east bay i know in my drive in this morning, you couldn't turn on the bright lights, your high beams, because you would get that wall of white back in your eyes. i do want to show you perhaps you can get a sense of where this dens fog advisory is in effect. in the bay area, shaded gray under the advisory, on this map. we widen out the state, the san joaquin valley sun der the same advisory, you want to count on low visibility if you're making your way to the central valley, south carolina or l.a. on i-5. this dense fog advisory is in effect until 9:00 this morning. so that certainly covers the morning commute. the national weather service as you're aware, issues these advisories when they think
5:36 am
visibility could get below or in the quarter mile range. here it's probably about a mile. as i was telling you, in the quarter mile of visibility which is very dangerous which means you've got to slow down and again, do not use bright beams. it's going to put the wall of white back in your face and in any one who is behind you, you want to use the low. reporting live in san jose. back to you. >> thank you, bob. that's great information. it's nice to have somebody out there live in the field so you can see what's going on before you even walk out your front door. this is what we're working with temperaturewise. in the 40s and 50s to start. ending up in the mid-60s out there. so you want to go ahead and grab a coat because it will be cool for the first part of the day. grab those shades as well. we're going to be left with a lot of sunshine. it will likely make for a slower than normal drive. >> good morning. in the transition time when there is bright sun and the fog is starting to clear it gets
5:37 am
bright so bring those shades. first we start with a crash. i wanted you to notice that stream of lights over to the right side. on the right there is a crash as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. berkeley curve but coming off 580 is coming to a standstill. the two middle lanes. the map will show you the area we're talking about as you head to the bay bridge. it's here off of that curve and a slow drive here. the fog is the other issue. it shows up on our traffic sensors and in the south bay shows up on our camera shots as well. there you go. might be a crash. i'll check it out. >> thanks. we'll check back with you. now we move on to the winter games in sochi where day four of competition is wrapping up. you're going to see it in prime time. we're going to give you a peek at the results. >> so if you would rather be surprised turn away. we'll play music and when i say so you can look back. simon says look away.
5:38 am
>> come on back. simon says it's okay. >> the americans who make the podium have special jackets made by nike for the occasion. >> you probably saw south lake tahoe's jamie anderson in that silver jacket she is wearing after she won gold in the first ever women's slopestyle. the jacket actually has special features. inside this is your moment is embroidered. and the back changes from red to
5:39 am
blue depending on the light. and sewn in the words land of the free. nike made the jackets especially for the medal winners. >> here is a live look at the olympic flame burning in sochi. janelle wang is in olympic park. we'll check in with her in about five minutes. >> we talk about the fog though in the bay area this morning. could make at tough drive. want to check in with christina. it's going to lift. >> it will later on today but you know what, this fog is thicker than even we're accustomed to. and it's aus foggy in the bay area. temperatures in the 50s, obviously you want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. don't worry, mike inouye is all over it. he will be along in a moment with an update letting you know how the fog is impacting your drive. we're at 66 degrees later on today in the east bay. 58 in san francisco. that limited sunshine will limit your temperatures. and that's why we're only in the
5:40 am
upper 50s in the city. the mid-60s on the way to the east bay and the north bay so. a great looking day once we get rid of this fog. this is what we are forecasting. partial clearing flew the inland valleys, plenty of low clouds along the coast, then by lunch time widespread clearing with clouds returning, quite early in fact by 4:00 to 5:00 we'll be mostly cloudy again as the storm system comes closer to the bay area i'm going to show you when we might get our next chance of rain. as promised here is mike inouye. >> good morning. folks we're going to use these live cameras to tell you the tale. i want to show you the conditions out there. first of all, what we thought was a crash was a burst of traffic hitting through. that's what we have. 101 northbound moves smoothly but the glowing lights, you can't make out the interchange so thick patch at the interchange. sunol, this might be a bad
5:41 am
shot. visibility down to a quarter mile. maybe even less. then they disappear. can't see across the gulf course. you see the stream from the left side to the right. the crash has cleareden the bay bridge approach. we'll see this backup starting to form. there it goes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:41. it's a day of enforcement, follow all of the rules. >> a live look at the mountains in sochi where the men's half-pipe competition is going on as we speak. trouble is many of the athletes are not happy with the course. janelle wang will have all of the details coming up.
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a look outside. we give you a peek in san jose. it's a foggy start to the day. kind of patchy in a lot of spots so you may run into it on your morning commute. here is another look at a different angle of san jose. looks like traffic picking up speed there. we're going to check in with bob. we've got reporters throughout the bay area and a lot of different cameras to give you a good perspective of what it looks like where you are. it's 5:44. >> let's go back to the 2014 olympic games. one of the premier olympic events. half-pipe snowboarding featuring shaun white. less than stellar weather conditions forcing delay for a few hours. but athletes are in the pipe for a competition. >> janelle wang is here now, she joins us with an update. good afternoon to you. right? >> reporter: yes. exactly. competition is under way and unfortunately conditions are a bit slushy after a storm passed over sochi overnight. organizers pushed back competition today briefly waiting for the weather
5:45 am
conditions to improve. this is file video of the half-pipe. boarders complain the snow is too soft. shaun white says the center is bad with unexpected bumps and pot holes. he says it's not dangerous, just frustrating. >> it's not the best. i mean, i don't want to bag on it but it's very disappointing. just the weather and the fact that it's so soft in the middle it's hard to get across it wall to wall. you know, we're dealing with it. >> reporter: white's biggest competenttation may be danny davis, one of only two boarders that has beaten white in competition in recent years. davis qualified for the vancouver games back in 2010, he was supposed to go but fractured his vertebrae in a drunken atv ride and had to cancel his trip to the games. davis says the drunken days are over and focused on winning a medal. we'll see how he does though
5:46 am
shaun white goes for his third consecutive gold medal. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> that would be a great record for white. >> nbc bay area's coverage resumes at 3:00, you can see men and women cross country skiing, women's luge, and women's slopestyle skiing. in prime time the gold medal finals in men's half-pipe snowboarding, women's slow style skiing, women's ski jumping, the first time they have done that, the pairs short program also gets under way. it starts at 8:00. >> we've all seen it on the roads, drivers running red lights talking on cell phones rolling through the stop signs. this morning police on the peninsula saying enough is enough. christie smith live in san mateo with more on a crackdown kicking off. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. you're going to see police all over san mateo county focusing
5:47 am
on what they call known trouble spots. maybe reports of unsafe driving. a few of those at one place, that's where they are going to be focusing on, these officers will begin patrols mainly on motorcycles, part of what they call the step or traffic enforcement program. they begin that first thing this morning. foster city police as well. starting this morning out in foster city, where they are looking for violations of speed, improper stopping, talking on cell phone while driving and not using the seat belt. this afternoon they are going to shift gears coming to san mateo where they will look for violations with drivers versus people trying to cross the street, also running red lights, this is one of two enforcement efforts that is going to happen in the count they month alone. >> good to know every day. thanks.
5:48 am
>> let's talk about the weather for a moment at 5:47. night skiers zipping along five feet of fresh snow last night. some places got even more. kirkwood eight feet. the 50-50 brewing company in truckee, business is good but workers say it wasn't as busy as usual this time of year. despite several feet of snow at the highest elevations in the past couple days. state water officials don't think it's going to have much impact on the drought. a lit slushy on the mountain. which it is in the half wipe. >> a live look outside. all of that rain t precipitation leading to fog. a live look outside that is certainly the big story of the bay area. it will lift. we need more rain though. >> we have more in the forecast g. morning. the time 5:48. scott, laura, everybody at home we're going to get a break from the rain today. and then as of tomorrow that chance comes back.
5:49 am
temperatures are mostly in the 50s, thanks for waking up with us. maybe you're loving the olympics right here on nbc bay area. we're going to keep you updated as the systems start to approach the coast we're going to let you know. as you know we had crazy weather over the weekend especially in the north bay so i think a lot of people are relieved to know we're going to get a break. the one thing we're dealing with is the fog. it is really thick. you want to take note of your seven-day forecast. the reason why we're going to warm up is high pressure is moving in. forces it right to the surface and as a result we're waking up with visibilities down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. make sure you give yourself extra time there. everywhere we're seeing thick fog. half moon bay, they dropped from 5 miles to 2 1/2. two miles in san jose and six reported in gilroy.
5:50 am
152 east into the central valley you're going to encounter thistic fog. as we head throughout the day a good looking day in the south bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s here along the peninsula, low to mid-60s and the sunshine is going to limit your temps out in san francisco today, that is why we're going to see upper 50s in pacific heights versus the 65-degree temperature we've got on the way to san jose. in the north bay, mid-60s headed your way. the east bay good, upper 50s in oak town, 62 in fremont, and way out in the tri-valley where we're going to see the most sunshine that clearing will take place here first and as a result your temperatures are going to climb in the mid-60s. want to talk about what's to come. foggy start, a mild finish by about 1:00 p.m. getting that sunshine i promised you. this could bring us our next round of rain. i'll show what you that looks like on your future cast in my
5:51 am
next report. first we want to find out how we are on a traffic tuesday. we have mike inouye watching the roads. >> good morning. you let the cat out of the bag, it's traffics to so it's tuesday and we have the traffic. westbound 580 picking up the volume. look at all of these cars. we can more clearly make out the cars about a half mile away where christina is talking about livermore, dublin, a half mile visibility showing up on the readouts. this traffic slows here, we have more slowing out of the altamont pass, 84 a little tougher drive through livermore and 680 through sunol our camera cannot see much past about a quarter smile as you come around past the golf course a tough drive. anticipate that. i allow extra time getting to work. the orange we showed where our road weather index says dense fog and tough to see across from the mountains and creeping up through the south bay. the traffic flow is because of the volume bursting up northbound 101, this is when it
5:52 am
hits the south baxt as we look to the peninsula we'll still have the traffic flow, a live look shows you how things san jose the live look at the area where we had the slowdown. over to palo alto that's my fault i called for this one thank you for pulling that up we have a smooth drive but i want to show you north of university and the cars tend to go to that misty area, fog on the peninsula as well, back to the map we talked about speed sensors and travel times along the peninsula. a smooth drive as well as the bay bridge. slow off of the maze because of the crash which has cleared. back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning. hollywood icon shirley temple black has died. a statement from her agent says the iconic child star died of natural causes in her woodside home surrounded by loved ones. temple found fame as a child star in numerous depression era films like "curly top." after her acting career she became active in politics
5:53 am
including an unsuccessful bid as a candidate for congress. she did serve as a u.s. ambassador though. peggy bunker is in woodside. she is going to join wisconsin a live report in about 15 minutes. >> investigators trying to figure out if heavy rain caused a large portion of a roof to collapse in san jose. the collapse was reported at an abandoned warehouse on nicora avenue. investigators say about a third of the roof came down. a search and rescue team looked for people trapped but determined the warehouse had been vacant at the time of collapse. the cause still under investigation. >> 5:53. new trouble for the men's bob sled team leading to speculation the team may be cursed. ♪
5:54 am
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5:56 am
he emerged victorious from the bathroom, now he takes on the elevator. a team usa bobsmen running into bad luck. >> johnny quinn not alone, his bobsled teammate nick cunningham tweeted these photos of quinn trying to pry open the elevator door. quinn's attempt to free his friends less successful than when he was trapped in his bathroom. quinn says he saw one option when he found himself locked in with no way out. he busted out. >> i hit it even harder with my fist went through the door. when i saw the light of the room come in, hey, time to get out of here. >> i opened the door and turned the corner. johnny is standing there in a towel with a white blank stare on his face. >> quinn's not street compete until saturday when four-man bobsled kicks off. hope there are no glitches. >> here is a picture by steve
5:57 am
laungton. caption, team men's meeting. doors locked. where is johnny quinn when you need him. it's 5:57. so the condolences pour in as the world remembers shirley temple black. >> the childhood star died last night at her home on the peninsula. we'll have a live report coming up next. >> a live look outside, 580 through dublin. can you make it out? there is a lot of fog across the bay area. pretty thick patches in some areas. a weather advisory is in effect. we have team coverage coming up. >> we'll go back live to sochi, julia mancuso talking about her latest win while still getting ready for another event. we'll have a live report just ahead. legs up! legs up? legs up! legs up! legs up! verizon has free tablets and free phones.
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♪ animal crackers in my soup >> she captured the hearts of generations and beyond. this morning shirley temple black, the little girl who lit up the silver screen and as an adult served her country as an ambassador has died at her bay area home at the age of 85. such a classic. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. a child star, she became a legend at the age of 3, cultivated a legacy, spanned for decades. shirley temple was born in southern california, but spent her later years here in the bay area in the town of woodside where she passed away overnight. peggy bunker joins us live in woodside. people all over the world mourning the loss of an icon. >> reporter: she really is an icon, no other woror


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